It was a normal day in Jenks, OK and Clay had just finished up a meeting with Philbrook Museum and left Skye our beloved Vintage Wagon Photo Booth outside of the garage so that he could get out the lawn equipment and mow. One minute he was weed-eating and less than five minutes after a friend called to ask to get in our storm cellar, three giant limbs from our old, pecan tree fell right on top of our sweet Skye, through our bedroom window, and our pop up tent trailer.

Skye Vintage Wagon Photo Booth Storm Damage Jenks, OK

This was the image that Clay sent me as I sat hunkered down with our four kids in a hallway of Cedar Ridge Christian Church after attending their Music Camp in Broken Arrow, OK.  The storm had passed through Jenks quickly and was over the top of the church as the kids and I feared for him and for us.  The storm was fast, furious and serious.

From the time that I got a storm warning on my phone to the time he sent me this photo was less than 10 minutes.  

It felt like forever for the storm to pass over us at the church building so that we could get home and asses the damage and check on Clay, he was so worried about Skye and the house!

glass on the floor of house in Jenks, OK July 14, 2016

I had images of a whole tree limb laying in my bed when I had heard how it went through our bedroom window.  Thankfully it broke the window and then fell outside.  However, when we discovered the piece of glass in our headboard I all but passed out.

glass in headboard at Jenks home after storm on July 14, 2016
glass in headboard 2 in Jenks, OK storms July 14, 2016

The point at which this glass went through our head board is exactly where Clay's head lays at night! I have cried this past weekend over the "what if's".  "What if this had happened in the night?"  "What if Clay had ran to the bus and was attempting to get it into the garage, like he almost always does when it starts to rain!?!?!"   I am so thankful he is still here with us!!!

Angels in Clean-up Crew Disguise!

We have a dear friend who is a manager for Belfor Restoration Company, and Clay called him within minutes of the tree falling while he was standing in the basement with water pouring in because it was raining so fast and so hard that the ground was not soaking it in fast enought! Apparently we were the first ones to call and that put us on the top of the list! Within twenty minutes of the storm dying down they were in our drive way calling Richert Tree Company!  AMAZING!!!

Belfor Restoration Crews in Jenks after storm

The Belfor Crew cleaned up all the mess in our bedroom, boarded up our window, set out driers and dehumidifiers around the house to dry out the water.  They even mopped themselves out of our house.  It was above and beyond what we expected!

I am Still Kicking Myself...

Over the fact that I didn't take a photo of every family member, friend, and community member that came by to check on us and offer help! It was truly beautiful to feel so cared for and loved.  I did manage to think to grab the image of our precious friends who stopped by asking what they could do and ended up helping Clay finish mowing the lawn and pick up twigs and mess from the tree falling.

community and dear friends mowing our yard in Jenks, OK
family living room camp out after storms July 14, 2016

With the chance of glass shards in our bed and because our kids heard another storm was coming, we decided on a family campout over the next two evenings.  

Crowd gathers to watch tree crew in Jenks, OK

Early Friday Morning...

The crew from Richert Tree Service came out to get started on the tree removal.  That created quite the crowd around our window watching the uncovering of our beloved Skye.

Richert Tree Service uncovering Vintage Wagon Photo Booth Bus in Jenks OK

At this point we were saying prayers over her, hoping the damage wasn't as bad as it seemed!!

She is uncovered!

She is uncovered!

Skye's Damage!

Honestly she's better off than we expected!!!  And now we wait for the insurance company to decide her fate!